Service Charge Arrears

All property owners in Queens College Chambers pay a service charge towards the upkeep, management and insurance of the building.

Unfortunately a few lease holders are not keeping up to date with their payments towards the communal fund to carry out essential and desirable maintenance.

In February 2013 the total service charge arrears are £53,236.36.  Of this amount, 29 Leaseholders are clearing their current service charge and arrears by standing order, although all Leaseholders should note that the service charge should be paid as a lump sum payment on the due date.  Service charge invoices are issued approximately 14 days before they are due and owners can pay by cheque, standing order or credit/debit card.

Leaseholders in arrears account for 37.42% of the arrears total. If leaseholders fail to work with the management company to clear arrears then the property can be the subject of legal action where the Freeholder (Dawnhome Limited) can take action to commence forfeiture proceedings.  This is the ultimate action that can be taken where the Lease is forfeited (in effect this means that the Lease is cancelled) and the property is seized and the property will be sold with a new Lease and all of the arrears will be paid from the sales proceeds. This ultimate action is frequently referred to as the legal action of last resort. It is a procedure carried out under Section 146 of The Law Property Act 1925.

All leaseholders with arrears will have been contacted by phone, email or letter by GBR Phoenix Beard and we would urge everyone to pay to ensure sufficient cash flow is available to undertake the provision of services at Queens College Chambers.  However if arrangements are not made for payment then solicitors will be instructed to commence recovery proceedings which will result in additional costs.

To remind everyone payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or debit/credit card by contacting Holly Yeats of GBR Phoenix Beard on:

Direct:  0121 200 4532




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