How Is QCC Managed

Your Board Of Directors

Every leaseholder in QCC is a shareholder of 36-38 Paradise Circus Management Ltd, the managing company that has responsibility for QCC. Six directors are appointed to the board to represent the residents, read more about them on this website .

The Directors, the Building Manager and representatives of GBR Phoenix Beard, the managing agents appointed by 36-38 Paradise Circus Management Ltd meet about every 6-8 weeks to address current issues, agree schedules of work and review issues such as the progress of the legal case and action on debtors.

GBR Phoenix Beard

Are the management agents currently engaged by the management company to manage QCC.

They have responsibility for the collection of service charges, ensuring the building remains legally compliant in all health, safety and fire regulations, the upkeep of the building – which they do in liaision with Dave Eldridge.

Daves Your Man

If you have any problems, queries or suggestions he knows more about this building than anyone.

Dave is now employed directly by QCC management company and has day to day responsibility for the building, liaising with contractors and managing agents and monitoring performance of our contracts.  In the last couple of years with Dave’s help, we’ve seen major improvements to the reliability of the lifts, seen reduced contract price and although unnoticed by most of us had a major review of our service contracts.