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Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions on this page relating to this website or any of the issues it addresses.

The page is moderated and all comments will be reviewed for appropriateness before being published. Personal or sensitive issues will be dealt with off-line.

You are also welcome to write to us at we will read all emails and respond appropriately

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Your Building Directors.


14 responses to “Comments And Contact Page

  1. Seema Malvankar


    Myself and my boyfriend will be moving into QCC at the end of this month, which we are very much looking forward to. We were wondering if a current resident was renting out their car-space to rent, as we would be interested in renting one. If we could be pointed in the right direction about this, it would be much appreciated.

  2. Alex Lloyd

    I have just moved out of QCC, Dave and Babs were absolutely brilliant. They were so helpful and friendly. I’ll definitely miss their personal touch. Thanks Dave and Babs 🙂
    Alex (Appt 86)

  3. Hi all,

    I’m going to be moving soon, but thought I’d just leave a few quick thoughts about QCC. While I am excited for my move and changes it’ll bring, I’m also extremely sad to be leaving QCC, not just as a building, but as a community. Having lived in and known quite a few of the residential apartments in Birmingham, I’ve found QCC to easily be the best for a number of reasons… which is why I ended up living here for longer than I’d initially imagined!

    Dave and Babs have made QCC feel like a village within a building, and have always been extremely helpful with any questions or problems. Not having a concierge at my new place, I’m going to miss this the most I think.

    Sad to be leaving, but would happily move back in the future.

    All the best


  4. J.Andy

    This is a lovely blog for a lovely building. I don’t live in the Chambers but I work in the area and I think it is a very beautiful building. How many floors are there? Is there another, newer, part to the building extending at the back?

    • rbeaky

      Thanks for your comment Andy. Yes this is a mix of old and new building, the front you can see and the back is about 10 years old. The building has 10 floors with the back aspect over the train station.

  5. Laura H

    Hi, I’m moving in to QCC on 1st November but my letting agreement doesn’t include car parking, and so I need to rent a parking space. Do you have any available, or should I look for car park season tickets near by?


    • rbeaky

      Hi Laura
      Welcome to the building. There are spaces to rent for residents. Can I suggest you have a chat with Dave Eldridge the Building Manager (I will introduce you via email) he can point you towards someone renting their space. Cheers The Building Directors

  6. Mrs Rabecca Faisal

    Hi Nuton and Rabecca, landlords at apt 48, can someone please tell us why Bright Wilis have lost the tender?
    Dr and Mrs Faisal
    383 Birmingham Rd
    B97 697

    M 097989 608972

    • rbeaky

      Thanks for your questions.

      The previous managing agents had served the building for 6 years and the directors felt that it was time to go back to the managing agent market to ensure we were getting the best deal in terms of service and price.

      The directors ran a competitive tendering process and selected GBR Phoenix Beard as the new managing agents of Queens College Chambers from 1st October 2012. Apart from the lower total costs they propose, we felt their tender offered the best all-round facilities and management service that the building will need in the coming years.

  7. Theresa

    I have several items for sale.
    Brand new still in the box from Argos a 2 door and 3 door wardrobe oak, with drawers for half the price, also brand new still in box double bed frame with leather headboard retails £299.99, will let go for only £150, the wardrobes 2 door £75, retails for £149.95. And the 3 door wardrobe retails £ 249.95, will sell for £125.00. Also brand new iPad 2 in white 32gb £350. It was a Xmas gift but we got a new one with 3G that’s why we are selling. To view or if you have any questions please phone 07769320353.

    • rbeaky

      Hi Theresa. I have uploaded this to the website but I have also created a dedicated for sale board which you are welcome to post onto as well. Cheers

  8. Hi, All! Dawn here, formerly of 112. We’re settled in the US now, and can send you the requested photos of our own QCC-born baby, Elora! – only, I can’t find Dave’s email address! Can someone post it here? Or, if not, an alternative email address where I may send the photos? Thanks!

  9. Chris Wright (Apts 13 and 66)

    The web site and twitter feed are great ideas and well executed. Congratulations and thanks for creating them.

    • rbeaky

      Thanks for the feedback, very kind. Any and all suggestions on how to improve it are gratefully received, we are pretty new at this.

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