Security Updates

Dear Resident                                                                               16/4/2012

The board of resident directors that manages Queens College Chambers have been working closely with the Building Manager and Managing Agents to review security around the building, in particular external access. We are pleased to be able to inform you of some new measures which will help protect our building and property.

New front and rear door entry system New entry system between car parks and the building
New garage door entry system Installation of additional CCTV cameras to give full coverage of the car parks
Upgraded CCTV hardware allowing for 24 hours a day remote monitoring  


Sounds Great When Is This Happening? – The work has already begun and we expect completion next week.

Will My Door Fobs Still Work? – Yes your door fobs will work on the new system for a few weeks, however, we need you to see Dave or Babs next week to reset your all your key fobs, to prevent them becoming inactive when the old system is switched off.

Whats a Fob? – The little black gizmo that lets you in and out of the building.

Will My Car Park Zapper Still Work? – If you have a parking space you will need to exchange your current car park zapper for a new one from Dave next week. He has a list of all those residents permitted to park in the garage, old zappers will be switched off once the system is installed.

Whats A Car Park Zapper? – The little device with button on that lets you in and out of the car park.

How Do I Get From The Car Park Back Into The Building? – You will need to use your door entry fob (the same one you enter and exit the building with). Dont forget to take it if you go down to the car park or bins. We will put signs up to remind residents that under this new system walking into the car parks will be like walking outside the building.

With All These Security Measures What Happens In An Emergency? – Everything thats being installed is fully Health and Safety compliant. In the event of an emergency i.e. a fire, all doors will release automatically.

I Think I May Need Extra Door Or Car Park Fobs and Zappers? – Have a chat with Dave, you can purchase additional ones if you need them.

So Who Is This Dave Bloke? – If you dont know Dave, he is the Building Manager. You can usually find him around reception or give him a call on 07864 958699

If you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact Dave or the Board. Further information is on our website at or email

Yours sincerely

QCC Board Of Directors.


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