Emergency Alerts

Keep in touch with emergency alerts

If you have been worried about the recent New Street troubles, you may wish to subscribe to a special service provided by Birmingham City Council to keep residents and workers updated on any security issues in the city centre.

Birmingham Community Alert is a hi-tech messaging service for all residents and businesses in Birmingham providing emergency texts or voicemail messages during an emergency incident.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Select your location(s)

Choose up to 3 different postcodes.  This allows us to send you messages if the emergency is affecting one of your chosen areas. For example:

  1. home postcode
  2. work postcode
  3. relative’s postcode/other

Step 2 – Choose how you want to receive messages

  • SMS (text message to your mobile)
  • e-mail (required to receive our resilience newsletters
  • mobile voice (voice recording played to your mobile)
  • telephone (voice recording played to your landline phone)
  • pager
  • fax

Step 3 – Register


You can also choose whether to receive the latest information on how we are improving Birmingham’s resilience to major emergencies, and what you can do to help, in our monthly newsletter.


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