Health and Safety and Fire Risk – Well Done

We are delighted to advise that we have received a clean bill of health from the Health and Safety and Fire Risk Assessor with only 2 minor items, firstly that a number of the portable appliances used by Dave Eldridge need to have current PAT testing and that there has been a recommendation that Dave Eldridge should have emergency first aid at work training for which we are obtaining quotations.

This has been achieved through the hard work of Bright Willis and Dave all of the outstanding health and safety issues and fire risk problems have been resolved.  Furthermore, the Report states “the standards observed during the reserve process were of a very high standard.  There is a clear commitment to continuous improvement, which was supported with the involvement of Dave”… “fire safety is managed extremely well at this property”. We understand that following this inspection the Assessor will be writing a separate Report regarding Dave and highly commending him for the work he does on site.

It has taken a significant amount of work to get to this stage and to deal with all of the outstanding issues that the management team inherited and is extremely satisfying to reach this result and it is in no small part that this has been achieved through excellent work by Dave.


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