QCC Directors Meeting July

Its our directors meeting tonight. On the Agenda we will be talking about:

Reception Update.

BK –v- QCC Update.

Maintenance Update.



Social Events.

Meeting dates for year.

AGM Minutes.

Election/Resignation of Directors.

Estates and Management.

Residents Handbook.


And you thought it was all parties and glamour being a Director of our building !

We will post some updates after the meeting to let you know how we get on with all this.



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3 responses to “QCC Directors Meeting July

  1. Carl Beetison

    What is the legal case with BK? I have seen loads about it but have no idea what it’s about.

    • rbeaky

      Hi and thanks for posting your question. The legal case is pretty complex and has been going for some time now. We are in the middle of legal proceedings so clearly need to be sensitive to respecting that process and as such cant publish much of the information on the website. The directors will be writing to everyone shortly with an update though or its always worth having a chat with Dave for some info or coming along to one of the Bright Willis surgeries. I hope that helps a little bit.

  2. Chris Wright (Apts 13 and 66)

    Loom forward to an update on the BK legal case. I hope that there is good news and you and we can forget about that unpleasant period of history and get on with more productive things.

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